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There are thousands of Guyanese and Caribbean immigrants living in New York, throughout the U.S. and the globe.  DEMERARA GOLD is my story and theirs; and it's an account that is rarely told fully.
DEMERARA GOLD, the solo-show, captures the voices, exhilaration of promise and hope that immigrants from everywhere --  Ireland, Iran, Russia, Mexico, Guyana -- who dream of moving to the U.S. share.  It also resonates with the story of the black migration in America from the south to the north.
DEMERARA GOLD is about dreams but it is also about resilience. 
A girl has been left behind in the clutches of her two grandmothers in Guyana.  She then is finally reunited with her parents in America.  In her new home, her parents are not the people she remembers and her American life is not how it felt in her dreams.
DEMERARA GOLD reaches across generations.  It gives the audience that may know very little about Guyana a taste of the land, the people, the culture.  It leads the audience to examine gender roles, cultural norms and family dynamics.
Ultimately, DEMERARA GOLD is EVERY IMMIGRANT'S STORY.  It shows how united we are by our shared experiences yet unique like Demerara gold! 
"It’s Christmas time and flute players, drummers and flouncers dance in the street!”
The music and the language are transporting. They stir the senses and throb like the rhythms of a Caribbean masquerade.