Out of Her Characters' Mouths

In Guyana

Gloria (mother):  We’ll come back for Dawn and you.  In the meantime, we’ll have both your grandmothers, Adda and Granny, look after you girls.
Earl (father):  I’ll miss taking you girls to school on this bike and I’ll miss tossing you up in the air... and I’ll miss hearing your voices.
Adda (grandmother):  Ingrid, you know what all play and no work did to Monroe? He’s now in the jailhouse on Camp Street.  If you don’t buckle down, you’ll end up worse than Monroe.
Granny (other grandmother): It’s time to prepare for Jesus’ coming; I’ll be sitting on the right side of his throne when I get to Heaven.  Are you?


Ingrid (protagonist):  Our block is dead quiet, like a funeral parlor... nothing but squirrels on the street.
Gloria (mother): Ingrid, over here, everybody busy. Some people have 19 jobs... you think I'm kiddin.
Earl (father):  Working eight donkey years at the same place and still no damn respect... some blasted life!
Regina (school friend):  Girl, you need to do something with your hair. You gotta get it together.
Dawn (sister): How would I know if you had sex... all I know Ingrid is you better stop looking for trouble.